GR Environmental Lining Services were a revelation and in the past 11 years we have gone on to install 20 Lined Fire Water Reservoirs holding on average one Million liters each. At times they are asked to work in challenging situations where access and the weather has not been that great. They are prompt, helpful and deliver a good service and product. I would recommend Graham and his team along with their product for any lining requirements.

Warren Payne
Forestry Operations Coordinator
Hikurangi Forest Farms

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Quality Assurance

As part of GR Environmental Lining Services Quality Assurance (QA) record, all welding is tested on site, to the highest specifications, conforming with proved worldwide standards.

As part of our Quality Assurance (QA) program at the end of the installation, we will provide the client with a Quality Assurance Report containing:

Quality Control Certificate for all materials used

Sub-grade Acceptance certificate

Daily Journal of Works

Panel Layout Drawing

Drawing showing tests of all wedge welds

Drawing showing tests of all extrusion welds

Environmental Lining

GR Environmental Lining Services Ltd was established in 1997 to give New Zealand a competitive and top quality service in the supply and installation of Geomembranes.

The Managing Director, Graham Rogers has been involved in the supply and installation of this product for over 20 years with 8 years installation experience in the UK and Europe.

As a specialist sub-contractor, GR Environmental Lining Services have installed over 4 million m in a variety of installation, ranging from concrete tanks, concrete structures, decorative ponds, slurry lagoons, water reservoirs, chemical storage, land fill sites both basal and capping systems, cut off walls, leaching pads and tailings dams.


G.S.E, the Manufacturer of our materials are world leaders in developing liner products and installation techniques for over 30 years. They operate 4 manufacturing facilities worldwide, and produce flexible geomembranes using state of the art extrusion technology.

Raw material consisting of single resin being one hundred (100%) percent virgin and of narrow molecular distribution, carbon black shall be added to the resin for ultraviolet resistance HDPE 97.5% - carbon black 2.5%. This assures the highest quality of products available, with the most extensive manufacturing quality program in the world.


The hot wedge welder offers a number of important advantages over traditional seaming methods. As the welder propels itself, the sheets are drawn into the machine with a hot wedge between them. The heated sheets are then drawn into a set of pressure rollers creating a dual track seam, ensuring appropriate temperature and speed settings. The first test to be carried out on this seam is an air pressure test. This is done by sealing the ends of the welds and inserting a needle and gauge into the air channel and pressurizing, to make sure the continuity of weld is correct. Weld samples are then cut and tested in both peel and shear test methods.

Testing of all extrusion welding is a major part of our quality assurance. This is carried out by using copper wire at the joint of the plastics prior to welding. Once welded, a high voltage spark gun can be used to locate any faults. This enables us to test areas of weld that the old vacuum box testing system could not reach.

Since fillet extrusion welding is always necessary at penetrations and when patching, this up to date extrusion offers the customer the finest combination of welding technology available.

Our Services

Our Services

GR Environmental Lining Services highly trained staff will travel anywhere in New Zealand to install any containment system you require.

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Scope of Work

The scope of works covered by this specification is for the supply, installation and testing of a (thickness)mm, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane.

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