Quality Assurance


Our team of specialised plastic technicians are CSWIP certified issued by TWI certification Ltd. and work to an internationally recognised highest standard & quality for HDPE lining installation systems. We adhere to New Zealand health and safety requirements applying best practice methods to ensure the jobs done correctly and safely.


100% of all wedge and extrusion welding done is tested on site, to the highest specifications, conforming with proved worldwide standards.

Independent testing can also be done were a weld sample is cut from the installed liner and send away to an independent test lab for destructive testing to ensure our equipment and welds meet the standards requirement.

QA/QC Certificates and records

On completions of the installation, we will provide the client with a Quality Assurance Report containing:

  • Daily Journals of all works carried out on any given day
  • Sub-grade acceptance documentation
  • Results of all Non/Destructive and Destructive tests of welds carried out on site
  • All Air Pressure Tests Results and where situated on the liner
  • Panel Layout Drawing including panel numbers
  • Drawing showing all Fusion/Extrusion welds
  • Manufacturers Test Data on Geomembranes supplied
  • A 20-year manufacturer supplied material warranty.
  • Including photographs of the project through various stages

For further and more detailed information on QAQC requirements and testing please see the scope of works.